The Citizen’s Guide aims to provide citizens with tools to understand what makes up open data (OD), how it can be used in their communities, and where to find it.

The Citizen’s Guide is designed to be a living document with many diverse contributors. We hope that many people of varying perspectives can find the guide useful, and to help make it more useful for others. In particular, we hope that the guide can become a place to share stories about Open Data, and equip people with the concepts and tools to better participate in the Open Data discourse.

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The Citizen’s Guide to Open Data is a Jekyll site managed through GitHub and hosted on GitHub pages. Citizens who are familiar with GitHub can submit issues related to the back-end of the site to

For feedback on the content of the Citizen’s Guide, please submit comments to our Give us your thoughts!


Dawn Walker Dawn Walker is a PhD student at the Faculty of Information. Her research focuses on participation in civic technology and design practices. She completed her Master’s of Information at the University of Toronto in 2016.
Curtis McCord Curtis is a PhD student at the University of Toronto Faculty of Information. His research examines the ways that citizens and governments use technology to expand political institutions and potency.
Nicole Stradiotto Nicole is an MI student at the University of Toronto Faculty of Information interested in social epistemology, citizen science and the science advocacy movement.
Mari Zhou Mari is an MI student and the UofT Faculty of Information studying Critical Information Policy and Information Systems & Design, and is interested in exploring the intersections of policy and technology for access to justice challenges.
Dal Singh My research interest lies at the intersection of digital privacy and the online economy. I have a B.PAPM from Carleton University and am currently studying towards a Master of Information at the University of Toronto.